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All Your Guessing Games

What? Another All Your Yesterdays mention? Sorta. You remember when I asked you all what this might be? Someone got the right answer, although I’d love to speculate how they came about it. I have a clue, and it might … Continue reading

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Wrench in the Works of Head Attitude

The orientation of the head for standardized anatomical comparison is important for biological and paleontological analysis. It influences anatomical direction, description, the relationship of soft-tissue, study of behaviors such as feeding by the orientation of muscles versus gravity, and so … Continue reading

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Is Moganopterus a Ctenochasmatoid?

In their original description of Moganopterus zhuiana, Lü Junchang and colleagues described the new pterosaur as a boreopterid ornithocheiroid, to be compared alongside Zhenyuanopterus longirostris and its ridiculous teeth, and the crested-and-toothed Guidraco venator and Ludodactylus sibbicki. Sporting a long … Continue reading

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The Skimmer, Exploded

Rhynchops niger is a fun animal. Not only does it have this wonderfully huge lower bill, there’s lots of fun little structures of the jaw that interact in ways one doesn’t really expect in birds.(The gap in the upper and … Continue reading

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Peel Back the Layers

A while back I started a project in which I would reconstruct an ancient animal layer by layer, moving from various organ systems using some degrees of inference to make sure these organs are correctly aligned, and perhaps correctly sized. … Continue reading

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The Skulls Above Us

I figure another post about skulls would do me while I work through the projects that demand my time and take me away from doing more analysis on the basal oviraptorid Wulatelong gobiensis. Without further ado, here are some of … Continue reading

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A Skull Reconstruction for Daemonosaurus

Recall my earlier post on Daemonosaurus chauliodus. At the time, I thought this was a pretty silly dinosaur to provide a reconstruction for, since for the most part I agreed with the authors’ reconstruction, it matched the skull as i … Continue reading

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Head Full of Air

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The Enfluffening

As we dig deeper into the past and our investigative techniques broaden and our perspectives with it, biological aspects of ancient life become more and more interesting. Of the most visual of these is the presence of non-scaly integument in … Continue reading

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Oviraptorid Jaw Muscles Described, Part 3

In the previous two posts (part 1 here, part 2 here), I discussed the shapes and sizes of the muscles and their origins and insertions of the oviraptorid skull. I deigned to provide the basis of the muscles mapped to … Continue reading

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