Long-Awaited Responses, and Orpheus

In a little while, you dear reader will see what this is a part of. If you know what these are, then you’ll know what they have in common and thus why they’re being shown. But the answer isn’t tricky: they’re all piscivores. What that means for a given animal can differ widely, as I will hope to show soon.

Piscivores SelectedEven more forthcoming is going to be a long-awaited reply to the only attempt in the literature to soundly answer “Do theropods have lizard lips,” which is a paper presented by Tracy Ford for the 1997 Proceedings volume at the Southwest Paleontological Symposium held in Mesa, Arizona at the Mesa Southwest Museum. This one is going to be fairly long, dry, and not garner as many hits or avid readers as, say, my piece on “Atopodentatus.” But hey, it’s what I like to do.

And finally, the Mongolian version of Orpheus (no clues or reward for guessing what this is meant to represent):

He doesn't look like he just lost his wife...

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2 Responses to Long-Awaited Responses, and Orpheus

  1. Alex Kleine says:

    Let me guess:

    Sea snake
    Bulldog bat
    Fishing cat
    Some type of shrew

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