BiteStuff Doings

I’ve been fairly busy, and should have thrown a few shorty things together, but I’ve merely only recently finished with something more extensive and have been trying to deal with editors and reviews on a paper in press and preparations for work of mine that will be presented some time in the future. Most of my focus is personal, so the blog is suffering. After my last post on yet another BANDit paper pretending that people who argue that birds are dinosaurs are somehow immoral, I’ve been working on a more thorough presentation for the skull reconstruction of Anurognathus ammoni, some detailed refutation of Dave Peters’ views on Daemonosaurus chauliodus, and going back and forth on more deep work dealing with pterosaur and therizinosauroid jaw mechanics and function as it relates to form — and, of course, the ecological considerations those entail. This stuff is coming up, but obvious not quite here. Stay tuned, browse what I’ve written, don’t be afraid to comment [anonymously, even!] on whatever, and I’ll try to get back to you.

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