A Mystery, Theropod-Style

What do YOU think this is?As before, give me an idea what you think this guy/gal is, and later (maybe around one week later) I will give my answer. You can tell I went bonkers on the integument; ignore it as just a matter of “art.” With SVP out, I may leave this one up for an additional week, and no: it is not related to anything being presented there (specifically).

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10 Responses to A Mystery, Theropod-Style

  1. Hadur says:

    So if the feathers are a matter of artistic license rather than established science, we are looking at a basal theropod? Or perhaps even something like Eoraptor that isn’t really a theropod?

    • Yes: The feathers (or filaments, or “dinofuzz”) that I’ve enfluffened our friend with here are hypothetical. I think it fair to say that basal theropods are likely to be so enfluffened, that basal ornithischians are, and that basal sauropodomorphans such as guaibasaurs and such may also be fuzzy … like this. So yes, this could be a large range of animals without a distinct planar morphology of the feathers (but it is a theropod, in the safest sense).

  2. Red Dear says:

    If you say the integuments are hypothetical, I should go for a Staurikosaurus/ herrerasaurus grade basal theropod. Nice drawing by the way !

  3. Henrique Niza says:

    When I looked at it Staurikosaurus came to my mind so I bet on it.

  4. I’d say a more “banal” choice, so…I vote for Dilong. But if it’s really a basal theropod, I’d say eodromaeus.
    This time I’m surely wrong.

  5. Kattato Garu says:


  6. Mickey Mortimer says:

    Snout’s too pointed at the tip for Herrerasaurus, and Staurikosaurus only has a deformed mandible to compare, so would be utterly pointless. Eodromaeus has a shorter snout and narrower mandible. Dilong seems more possible, though it has a nasal crest not apparent here (though perhaps covered by feathers). My vote’s for a basal coelurosaur or dromaeosaurid.

  7. pilsator says:

    Maybe it’s your speculative idea of what _Gasosaurus_’s head might have looked like, being the not-quite-blog naming taxon?

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