Identification Puzzle

Here’s a challenge, perhaps not a perfect one. Identify what taxon this animal might belong to. It’s okay to be general, but specific is not an issue. It does not represent a specific species.

What is it?!!?

(Here’s a hint: this illustration is based on extrapolation of research on facial integument beyond the extant phylogenetic bracket for Archosauria (crocs + birds), but within that for Reptilia (lizards, snakes, crocs and birds), so you do have that going for you.)

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10 Responses to Identification Puzzle

  1. No Prize Winner says:


  2. As I said on DA: I’d say some kind of rhynchosaur. Maybe.

  3. I am gonna go with some sort of basal synapsid,

  4. Red Dear says:

    Like a lot of others, I see a rynchosaur. Really tricky !

  5. Dean, Fragillimus335 says:

    Haha, it wouldn’t be a wingless anurognathid would it? In all seriousness I would guess Brachyrhinodon?

  6. A basal pterosauromorph, using Bennett’s (2012) phylogeny.

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