Mandibular Sections, Hypothesis

Continuing with some older hypotheses I’ve had, this time I will show off something I was thinking of back in early 2000s, but never got around to describing, and have since realized (it didn’t take that long) that this is WAAAY too simplistic.

Here, I illustrate cross-sections of hypothetical jaws to illustrate the evolution of dental development. Missing are perspectives on pneumatic structures, the actual development of the dental lamina, and acrodont forms of tooth implantation, etc. I did not do as much research on this at the time, and further research following morphology of tooth development, implanation morphology, and the structure of the subdental areas of the jaw, make this image at least 1/3 of the likely options, and certainly it obscures the complex evolution involved. I wish to reiterate that this is not something I currently support, in this form.

I would also correctly orient each of the sections in this form, thus correctly drafting everything.

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