“Dances With Crocs”

If Steve Irwin were alive, and wanted to be in a movie with Kevin Costner … No! I will not shut up! It would be a glorious movie! And that’s what it would be called.

This isn’t really a post. I need filler before finishing a big hadrosaur post on recent work detailing how they “chewed,” so here we have some crurotarsan goodies. (Most of it’s repeats.) Seek ye, below the fold:
The dynamics of living animals never cease to amaze me. If this animal were alive, it wouldn't cease to amaze me MORE.

“Sphenosuchians” are a pretty awesome bunch, one which I hope to work with in the future. Especially on the behaviors I have drawn them in on this page. Way back here, I called them “fox crocs,” as “dog crocs” as being taken for araripesuchids.

Some croc wandering around without it's skin, the poor fella.

(Note: These images are covered under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 license. As protected works of art, I am placing them out there to be viewed, gazed upon, even copied. But they are mine. If you want your own copy of these, go ahead and click on them and follow the link to my DeviantArt account. I am perfectly fine with you buying a print from there, or requesting a larger version … for a fee. I am a starving artist, I needs my grub!)

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2 Responses to “Dances With Crocs”

  1. mattvr says:

    Those are gorgeous illustrations Jaime.
    Fascinating animals too.

    • Thank you. I tried to make them as dynamic as i could, for the sake of just making an unusual set of hyper-dynamic crocodilians. It seems to work! (Now the questing is to determine IF they can do these things…)

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