What Does Moderation Bring?

Rather than discuss the pros and cons of the moderation process on this blog, I will just note that I, personally, enjoy the environment of free form, no consequence speech. Despite this, I prefer to have some handle on the constraint towards the topics or direction this speech has on a blog. Unless, of course, that blog were about such things as being able to discuss … anything. In the last 30 days, my open [non] moderation and open thread produces very little in the way of new traffic, new comments, or new interest. Without revealing numbers, IPAs, or commenter anonyms and the emails associated with them (on occasion), the traffic has been lessened relative to regular traffic on the site. I’ve been holding at a relative steady views-per-day rate over this period, with the only spikes following my one actual post during this open moderation period. Reduced traffic may and likely is a consequence of the lack of new content, for which I cannot apologize due to personal issues. This is also why this post is two days late.

In answer then, moderation brings some “sense” and purpose towards how I can respond to my critics or those who might otherwise praise or comment for their own sake on this blog. But it can also be tyrannical. I hope that this process itself can be reviewed by my readers, and that perusers of the blog take the opportunity to weight in and voice their own interests as far as how this blog operates and its content is produced.

I will be leaving the commenting process completely open for the foreseeable future, until such a time as I feel it needs to change. Any reasoning on this change will be explained at the time. Pardon for the lack of content, and enjoy!

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2 Responses to What Does Moderation Bring?

  1. Craig Dylke says:

    I have all my comments moderated on posts older than a week just to shield against spam.

    This is the first post I’ve ever seen really reflecting on moderation. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope this can count as a minor up surge in commenting ;P



  2. Mickey Mortimer says:

    Paleontology blogs simply lack the readership to support something like Pharyngula’s endless thread. Tet Zoo and SV-POW couldn’t do it, and certainly you or I can’t. Our readers are already a community anyway, who met via the DML and various fora. If I want to say something to our community, I’ll blog it. If I want to say something to a particular person, I’ll email or IM them.

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