Open Thread

This is an open thread. You may post anything you wish, including discussion of the blog and its author. You may use ad hominems. No person will be blocked, banned from use, nor will any post be removed save that it is actual spam. I look forward to seeing what effect this post will have, if any.

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5 Responses to Open Thread

  1. Craig Dylke says:

    Uh okay I’ll start the ball rolling.

    How much of your palaeo-art gets published?

    Mosasaurs rule (they’re my favourite). Are you just a fan of Globidens or other members of the family too…

    Not sure what the format is, so there is my stab at it.

    • Very little of my art has been published. Most of it is out there for the sole purpose of attracting attention and for self-fulfilling my desire for illustration and self-improvement. Virtually everything I have (or will have) published so far has been asked for explicitly. So … known? yes; famous? no.

      Ah, Mosasaurs. I like most of them. For me, the unusual dentition, the departure from the norm, is what attracts me to the globidensine mosasaurs, Carinodens included.

      The format is whatever happens.

  2. anthony_p_c says:

    I am disappointed that no-one took the opportunity to post ‘first’. The best I can do now is post ‘THIRD’.

    Seriously, I have nothing much to post in response to your post. I do like your work. Mostly because I try to do the same thing myself as a hobby, though with a different level of success.

    I am wondering if this post was a reaction to Mike Taylor’s “Tutorial 18: how to have fruitful discussions in your blog’s comments”?

    • Technically, you’d be third, but my comments do not count; so really, you’re second.
      Oh, yes. As I detailed here, I am testing the efficacy of open commenting and non-moderation. Normally, I merely filter comments by requiring name and email, and after the first post which I moderate, you are free to post without moderation. I also filter out spam comments (yesterday saw about 20 spam posts come my way) automatically or by noting that the comments are amazingly vacuous, like most horoscopes, and so those are eliminated as well. I can restore these to show how many I get, but it would be annoying to have to remove them again.

  3. tom says:

    hey fellaz

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