Slow News Day

I assume everyone in at least the United States who read this and those few in other countries that recognize the day are getting over their Thanksgiving tryptophan injections, shortly after their return from SVP in Las Vegas. In a way, I am glad I missed Las Vegas for SVP as that would be the second time I’d been there, and I didn’t much care for the place at the time. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum is a nice place, at least, so at least a shout out to those guys manning the place for their very open and approachable exhibits. I am exceptionally fond on the sabrecat (or at least, I was when I was there).

I know I said I would give a summary review of what I found interesting coming out of the SVP talks this year, but I have been otherwise occupied and the low posting should have reflected this. Despite, Mark Wildman has been doing a good job of summing up a variety of talks at SVP, so I will just point you to Saurian. The recent posts concerning the event and posters should be interesting.

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