Silence and SVP

I’m very eager to discuss SVP, but otherwise recent unemployment has made regularity on my blog somewhat more difficult, and so I haven’t been very active on new content, continuing older series, or generally being constant on this side of things. I’m looking forward to talking about talks (not posters) from SVP when the event is over, but until then, I will continue to delay much discussing. I can, however, say that I still plan to talk about why we shouldn’t necessarily lump all north African Spinosaurus into a single species, the cookie-cutter shark Isistius, the relationship of ornithischians and Nigersaurus to the “lips or no lips” debate, and the final element of my argument for standardization of jaw orientation when measuring. But for now … silence.

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4 Responses to Silence and SVP

  1. Fabrizio says:

    When will you talk/post about the overlumping of S. aegyptiacus? Next week?

  2. Brad McFeeters says:

    You were at SVP? So was I, but we never met. :(

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