A Joker Smile

On occasion, paleontology becomes a lot like art. When trying to depict reconstruction and hypothesis, instead of just writing it, we end up creating art — both intentional and inadvertent.

What you see here, of course, is not a typical piece of “art,” but nor is it a typical piece of paleontological specimen illustration. What it is, even if you’re astute and guess correctly, will be clarified soon.

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2 Responses to A Joker Smile

  1. Andrea Cau says:

    Are the colored areas different dromaeosaurid/theropod lips hypotheses?

  2. mattvr says:

    Where’s the Batman?

    I’m looking forward to this. For those of us who paint this stuff it’s interesting to see how the fossils are interpreted and how it jibes with observation of nature.

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