All Fools’ Like an Old Fool

I have a confession … I am a 54 year old woman. If you are reading this, I am already dead. This post constitutes my last will and test— No, that’s not how April Fool’s jokes work….

But then again, I suppose I was never really good at just making stuff up. Last time I tried, I made up a “protosimian” for paravian theropods, and well … that just kinda went nowhere. I’m better at working from what actually exists, rather than inventing things. That said, a new prospectus for this blog one what I want to talk about, as well as an open post about what you think I should talk about.

1. Eventually get around to discussing Manabu Sakamoto’s work on jaws and force curves, especially as it relates to oviraptorosaurs.

And not in any other particular order (because talking about the above work is really something I keep in the forefront of my mind):

2. Continue disucssing my oviraptorosaur diet (up next, mandibular form and evolution, further down the road, what the hell those palatal prongs could be for, then rhamphotheca…)

3. Dental arrangement and dental regionalism.

4. Croc-snouted dromaeosaurs. (If you’re familiar with SVP 2005 in Denver, you’re aware of what I’m talking about.)

5. Whine about someone making taxonomy for reasons that I’ve variously discussed seem like bad reasons for making taxonomy.

6. Eventually show the list of tooth-based taxa (limited to Dinosauria, then extended to Archosauria).

7. Tell you what this is supposed to be (waaaaaay down the road):

8. Skeletal reconstruction explanation: Where I’ve posted art, at DevianArt, I produced a small tutorial (started here), but now want to both clean it up, and make a better, more discussion-worthy series here.

9. Antelope-legged crocs!

10. Discuss the particulars of why Greg Paul’s “screaming biplanes” theory simply does not work. Visually.

11. Talk about the unusal situation of “Ingenia” yanshini (a “Better Know” candidate).

12. A long-form response to the Silesaurus-as-ornithischian, Eoraptor-as-sauropodomorph, tooth and jaw convergence qualities that seem to riddle basal Dinosauria.

13. Furry ornithischians….

So let me know what you think I should talk about, or elaborate further on what I’ve already talked about. If you want to be critical of me, let me know.

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5 Responses to All Fools’ Like an Old Fool

  1. Albertonykus says:

    Such an interesting variety of topics, so hard to choose. My votes go to (what’s wrong about) screaming biplanes, oviraptorosaur diets, furry ornithischians, croc-snouted dromies, and “Ingenia”, in that order.

  2. Nick Gardner says:

    My vote goes to working on each piece (or previous projects) and preparing them for formal publication and then coming back and talking about them here once they’re in press or published ;)

  3. Louis B. says:

    7. Tell you what this is supposed to be (waaaaaay down the road):


  4. I vote for furry ornithischians

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