Beaky Crocs – WP#18

This one will be short, as I need to work on other things, and this has been the reason for the reduced activity of late.

"Sphenosuchian" crocodilians from the Morrison Formation; Hallopus victor is shown "sandwiched" between the holotype (large) and referred collection (small) of Macelognathus vagans. Scaled, and accurately sized.

There’s quite a lot to say about these taxa, and I intend to. For now, tiny, long-legged, apparently cursorial crocs with edentulous beaks on the mandible seen above will have to do based on what is known.

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2 Responses to Beaky Crocs – WP#18

  1. Rutger Jansma says:

    Can I just say that they look eerily similar?

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