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Pterosaur, Inter-Modulated

When Helmut Tischlinger and Eberhard “Dino” Frey team up for a paper, you know it’s gonna be good. Almost certainly, there will be UV involved. The pterosaur fossils of the Solnhofen are especially UV reflective, which brings out obscure or … Continue reading

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A Skull For Rhamphorhynchus, Part Two

My last post on Rhamphorhynchus muensteri‘s skull elicited some dialogue on the dietary preferences one might infer from looking at Rhamphorhynchus‘s skull. This was done regardless of the preservation of gut remains or implied habitus. In preparation of a larger … Continue reading

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Branching Beaks

What a strange animal, I think, is the Rhamphorhynchus muensteri.

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A Skull For Rhamphorhynchus

The small pterosaur[n1] Rhamphorhynchus is known from a large host of specimens from the Late Jurassic of central to western Europe, mostly Germany and surrounding countries. It is known from complete specimens, to well-preserved partial, to utter crap. It is … Continue reading

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Is Moganopterus a Ctenochasmatoid?

In their original description of Moganopterus zhuiana, Lü Junchang and colleagues described the new pterosaur as a boreopterid ornithocheiroid, to be compared alongside Zhenyuanopterus longirostris and its ridiculous teeth, and the crested-and-toothed Guidraco venator and Ludodactylus sibbicki. Sporting a long … Continue reading

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Pneumatic Air Sacs in Dinosaurs

Following all that work I’ve been doing on anatomy in oviraptorids, it should not come as a surprise that I am looking for ways to effectively represent this amassed data in digestible chunks. I don’t always want to write novellas … Continue reading

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On the Nature of Being a Pterosaur

Pterosaurs are one of those groups that attracts pure and unadulterated fascination, though not the kind that in children is bent to sabre-toothed tigers and roaring, rampaging dinosaurs. No, pterosaurs evoke a sense more of the subdued wonder, and intrigue, … Continue reading

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The Pterosaurs of Rio

Last week was Pterosaur Week in Rio de Janerio, Brazil (Brasíl) at the International Symposium on Pterosaurs, held by the Museu Nacional in Rio.Here, dozens of the brightest among pterosaur workers joined to share new data and old ideas cast … Continue reading

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Frog Face Revisited

Lest my readers think I’ve become dull, an upcoming post will have this in it, and an explanation. You will have to further pardon me while I make my next few posts NOT about this. Feel free to offer commentary … Continue reading

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Frog Face

Here’s the skull of the anurognathid Anurognathus ammoni. This guy appears on the banner above — occasionally — to which I’ve granted nice, long filamentous integument, especially in front of the eyes. And there’s not a whole lot in front … Continue reading

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